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Welcome to EB French Tutoring where learning French is reimagined.

An immersive and personalized experience, tailored to all ages.

Our individualized tutoring sessions are designed to cater to your unique needs and learning style, ensuring that you reach your language goals in the most efficient way possible.

Les Recommendations

What some wonderful people are saying:

Emma is a superb French teacher. I couldn't recommend her enough. She really cares about each and every one of our sessions.

Michael D

I would thoroughly recommend Emma as a tutor. Since my retirement in 2008 I have attempted to refresh my rudimentary knowledge of the language that was achieved from studying 'O' level French. I have learned more from Emma in 12 weeks than in the 12 years since I retired!

Roger B

My tutor is kind and helpful. My lessons are fun and interesting and I look forward to them every week - I am learning a lot.

Year 4 Pupil

Emma has really helped me prepare for my International exchange. She always starts the lesson with a cheery Salut!

Year 9 Pupil

My reasons for contacting Emma were to put my school french on firmer footing. I would recommend Emma to anyone, regardless of level or requirements.

Patrick M

I found Emma to be an excellent tutor. She was always prepared for our session. The sessions were tailored to my needs. She was supportive, encouraging and friendly. I would completely recommend Emma.

Julie S

I am so glad I took the first steps to contact Emma to discuss my goal of learning French, suffice it to say it was a pivotal point in my language learning journey. Thanks to Emma I not only feel more confident and optimistic in my language learning journey, but I am also really enjoying the learning process.

Niall S

Excellent tutor! My daughter is enjoying her lessons and thriving. Highly recommended.

Leanne M - Parent of GCSE student

Emma is an immensely talated tutor with the unique gift to bring the best out of her students. I have been impressed with her versatility and diligence when teaching me French. I would 100% recommend to anyone seeking a French tutor.

Samuel B - University Student



Teaching is the mastered ability to communicate ideas in a clear, succinct way that the student can understand. The goal of teaching a language is the mastered ability to communicate. Let’s get talking!


I have a Bachelors degree in French Studies and a Masters in Psychology. These achievements equip me with the skills and knowledge base to teach this beautiful language in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Producing consistently professional, high-quality lessons with personalised client targets and regular monitoring of progress.


A successful lesson is the resultant alchemy of enthusiasm, curiosity, inspiration and creativity. Feel galvanised and let’s share the excitement of your learning!


Student autonomy and authority is paramount; each lesson is a dialogue between student and tutor. It is my responsibility that you feel heard and you are satisfied with your learning. Teaming my high expectations of your progress with your needs and, with this combined ambition, we get results!

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Located in the heart of Nantwich, our conversational French classes offer a vibrant and engaging environment where you can practise your language skills with fellow enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in French culture, enhance your fluency, and gain confidence to express yourself in this beautiful language.

As part of EB French tutoring’s commitment to fostering a strong French language community, I host a monthly French Meetup group, where learners and fluent speakers alike can come together to share their passion for French. Join us for a fun and relaxed evening of conversation, cultural exchange, and making.

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Choose your own adventure!

Visiting France

Planning a trip to France? Learn what you need to make the most of your travels

International Business

Have clients in a French-speaking country? Looking to expand? Learn how to build rapport and navigate those new opportunities.

Little Adventures

Children learning french for their school studies can often find the classroom distracting. I can provide a learning environment that nurtures your childs learning.

GCSE and further education

For students studying French at GCSE or A-Level, I can provide a learning environment that supports their curriculum.


Ready to start your French journey? We will focus on the foundations of conversation before expanding your ideas and introducing more flavour. C’est parti!


Unlock the beauty and elegance of France's capital city and feel like a local by speaking the language.

Talk French to me.

Please contact me to discuss tutoring and class schedules in Cheshire.